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Test your game with the top Capoeristas in the city!

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Open Invitation

Jogo De Bamba 2 – Open Capoeira Tournament

We welcome and invite all Capoeira schools to participate in the 2022 Jogo de Bamba Open Capoeira Tournament taking place in Toronto on September 17-18th, 2022.

In the second edition of JDB, participants will have a chance to test their skills in the Roda with Capoeristas ranging from Beginner to Advanced in categories split into Women, Men, Children & Adults.

About JDB Tournament?

The first JDB tournament took place in June 2019. Due to a global pandemic, the event has been on hold ever since. Over 150 Capoeiristas participated in the first event with prizes and trophies being awarded in 6 categories ranging from kids to adults.

The second edition of JDB will take place September 17-18th, 2022. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Why Participate in Jogo De Bamba?

Our mission!

It’s our mission to provide fair and unbiased judging at all JDB Tournaments, where participants can test their skills against the top Capoeristas of their region.

JDB’s mission is to bring together the local Capoeira community and enthusiasts in hopes to promote Capoeira within our city while promoting a positive environment where Capoeira can flourish.

We strongly believe that the creation of events such as JDB Tournament will encourage more practitioners to take part in Capoeira and bring much needed and deserved attention to our beloved art.

Test Your Game The Best Capoeiristas in Ontario!

What to expect?

The event will take place over the course of 3 days. This will include seminars from different Mestres and Instructors, Rodas, Q&A and a Tournament.

With the participation of Mestres and Instructors from around the world, all judges and referees will have no affiliation to any participating school in order to provide unbiased judging during the tournament.

Participants who rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded Medals and Trophies. All Adult FIRST place winners will be invited to partcipate in the ABSOLUTO category in which the prize is an Atabaque (1st Place), a Berimbau (2nd Place) and a Pandeiro (3rd Place).

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